Understanding the Vision Benefit Program

The Pennsylvania Vision Foundation (PAVF) proudly works with VBA to administer its Benefit Program. The benefit program ensures that adults and children who qualify for this need-based program have access to receive quality eye care through local VBA providers.

Who Qualifies for Our Benefit Program?

An adult or child may be eligible for the program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Person lives in Pennsylvania;
  • A household income at 300% of the poverty level;
  • Underinsured for vision care.

Best Practices For Enrollment

The PAVF's partner organizations determine eligibility prior to enrolling members into the program. In general, the following frequencies are best practice.  

  • Adults may be enrolled for an exam and materials every 2 years
  • People with diabetes may be enrolled for an exam and materials annually
  • Children may be enrolled for an exam and materials annually

Upon request, a person may be enrolled for an exam only or materials only. 

How to Enroll

Manual Enrollment 

Step Details
1. Getting Started 

Confirm eligibility for the adult or child for the program.

2. What You'll Need 

To submit enrollment to VBA, you will need to complete the PAVF Enrollment Form including the following enrollee information:

  • Name (First, Last, Middle Initial)
  • Address
  • Date of Birth 
  • Social Security Number

If no social security number is available, VBA can assign a Member ID to be used in lieu of SSN.

If your organization prefers to send a spreadsheet, please contact us for a standard format. Using a different format may increase processing time.

3. How to Submit

Email, fax or mail to:

4. Processing Your Request 

VBA will process your request within two business days from the receipt of your request.

Once VBA has processed your request, you will receive Vision Care Claim Forms for each enrollee.


Portal Enrollment 

Some partners may be able to submit enrollment through VBA’s Benefits Administrator Portal. If your organization is trained to enroll this way, VBA can provide you with its Benefits Administrator Portal User Guide.

Using the portal to manage enrollment is a faster way to manage enrollment.

If your organization would like to enroll through the portal, contact us for access and training.